"Judge’s decision gives retaliation claims new weight", Campus Times, Rochester

“In Vilardo’s decision, he allowed the plaintiffs to move forward with the claim that the UR-ordered investigation led by former SEC Chair Mary Jo White was an act of retaliation.

The plaintiffs say UR used the White probe to call their character into question, knowing they could not participate in the investigation due to the ongoing litigation.

Vilardo wrote that this action could discourage employees from making future reports of discrimination.

Plaintiff Keturah Bixby’s Title IX hostile work environment claim was also allowed to proceed. Now, she and the other plaintiffs have to provide evidence to back up their claims. 

Ann Olivarius, their attorney, said that they will submit amended complaints to the judge in the coming weeks. Following that, they will have a conference with the judge to kick off the discovery process, where they plan on requesting all information that the White investigation used, records from a restorative justice session Jaeger’s lawyer said he participated in, and the personnel records of Jaeger and others from the BCS department. Olivarius also said they will look at pay structure documents to check for unfair pay differences.”

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