Dr Olivarius quoted by journalist Ginger Gorman about the myth of the "super mum"

Journalist Ginger Gorman published a piece in the Australian online parenting blog Kidspot, dismissing the myth of the "super mum." Gorman published a Tweet saying "A friend of mine asked how I wrote my book while being a mum & running a business. Let’s not pretend ‘super mum’ is a thing - it’s crap.I replied: “I did it with alcohol & shouting at my kids & feeding them frozen pizza all the time. It was very inelegant.”

Gorman received a huge amount of feedback from women agreeing with her Tweet. Her piece quotes Dr Olivarius on the subject, who says “I have three kids and my own law firm. I love this. We need to be more honest about what it *actually* takes to succeed.”

Helen Caldwell