Dr Olivarius' Tweet featured in article on sexist interview questions

A Tweet from Dr Olivarius was featured in an article on sexist interview questions. British actress Nicola Thorp posted on Twitter about a series of sexist questions she received over email, including questions like “What do you typically eat in a day?” and “What body part do you struggle to keep in shape?”. Thorp posted the email on Twitter with the comment, “Magazines like this constantly reduce women to what they eat. I am not a dress size. I am not a number on a scale. I am done with a media that profits from the insecurities of women.”

Dr Olivarius responded on her own Twitter, saying “We need to vote with our wallets. Magazines/outlets that assume that WE have an all-consuming interest in other women's calorie consumption and dress sizes don't deserve our money. I'm interested in Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s exercise regimen and that's IT.”

Helen Caldwell